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Promoting your Event

We are passionate in our efforts to help grow the Overlanding Community. If you have an upcoming event we are available to help promote it on this website. Our goal is that all Overlanders can easily find all events in Norway and Scandinavia on one common platform as well as assisting visitors from outside Scandinavia.

Promoting your Products

Equipment and Gear is important to the Active Overlander. We are always looking for ways to improve our Overlanding experience. Being aware of new quality products or new accessories is essential to the Overlanding experience. We are available to help promote and make the Community aware of what you are offering.

Adventure Expeditions

Have you been dreaming about organizing your own expedition, but having trouble getting started or how to prepare. Different adventures and expeditions require different planning. What equipment is needed, vehicle preparations, country requirements, back up planning, routes etc. With over 20 years experience we can help you get started on prepping for your next adventure.

Custom tours in Norway

We offer professional and private overlanding tours and day trips for groups in the Soutwest region of Norway. With 40 years experience in this area we are sure to know of all the best places worth visiting.

Thank you for an unforgettable private guided tour

Experienced more in the last two days than in a very long time.

Everything went beyond expectations!

You will haft too look hard finding a better guide!


Ørjan Østensvik, Client

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